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The Moon and Stocks

Many studies have proven the Moon and Sun effects with some links shown below. The other planets are not as easy to detect with their slow movement far from the Earth.

Lunar Cycle and Stock Returns by University of Michigan
Lunar Phases and Stock Returns by University of Michigan
Autumn Lunar Panics by Christopher Carolan

Sunspots, Recessions and Market Turns

The maximum in Sunspots often precedes a recession, although a few times we have had recessions at the lows in Sunspots and a few past the high.

The Solar Cycle has marked many important turns in the Market as shown below. However, being an 11 year cycle it is not that precise and more a guideline that turns are near and that caution is warranted.

Geomagnetic Storms by Federal Reserve of Atlanta
Sunspots, GDP and the Stock Market by Theodore Modis

  • 1947 high in Solar Activity = 1947 low
  • 1970 high in Solar Activity = 1970 high
  • 1982 high in Solar Activity = 1982 low
  • 1987 low in Solar Activity = 1987 high
  • 1995 low in Solar activity = 1995 low
  • 2000 high in Solar Activity = 2000 high
  • 2007 low in Solar activity = 2007 high
  • 2009 low in Solar activity = 2009 low
  • 2012 high in Solar activity = 2012 low
Astrology and Emotions

As Edgar Cayce said below, the Sun and the Moon affect us in a visible way and the two most used Calendars in the World are based on the Moon and the Sun. Sunny days do affect most people positively and are called blue skies by the bulls. On the other hand, we often refer to days without Sun as gloomy and depressing.

Astronomy is considered a science and astrology as foolishness. Who is correct? One holds that because of the position of the earth, the sun, the planets, they are balanced one with another in some manner, some form; yet that they have nothing to do with the lives of man or the expanse of life, or the emotions of the physical being in the earth. Then, why and how do the effects of the sun so influence other life in the earth and not affect the lives of men or their emotions?


Fibonacci Spirals

Note that the 1974-75 decline, and both the 1987 and 2008 crash happened just past the Sunspot cycle lows which puts a possible 2008 style crash window near 2020 which also happens to be the end of the Fibonacci Spiral from the creation of the USA and may be the biggest crash seen since the South Sea-Mississippi bubble and Tulip mania.

Fibonacci Spiral
 1788 = US Constitution
+ 891877 = Great Rail strike
+ 551932 = Great Depression
+ 341966 = Major Top
+ 211987 = Market Crash
+ 132000 = Major Top
+ 82008 = Market Crash
+ 52013 = 13 year Low
+ 32016 = 4 year Low
+ 22018 = 4 year High ???
+ 12019 = High like 1929 ???


Astrology and Accuracy

Astrologers, or Magi correctly interpreted the light seen in the sky over 2000 years ago as the coming of a Messiah that was to change the world. This prediction was taken so seriously as to cause the slaughter of thousands of children to prevent it from being fulfilled. We all know the result: Jesus or the Christ went on to become the largest influence of the last 2000 years and the Christian Churches ruled financially and politically for many centuries.

Mosaics in the Middle East show Jewish, Christian and Astrological symbols all together in temples. No one can deny that Jesus possibly picked 12 disciples to represent the twelve signs, or fundamental types of people. The same can be said about the 12 tribes of Israel.


Astrology and Stocks

The Sun has the greatest effect, being the source of the Sell in May and Christmas rally seasonal cycle which are well documented. The Moon is second and the effects of the Lunar cycle on stocks is also well documented. Followed by Venus, which represents Beauty, Desire and Prosperity in Greek-Roman lore. Others bodies are slower moving and their effect is not as obvious. Saturn is known as Kronos or Father Time and the God of Agriculture or the well-known Reap what you Sow Karma planet. It can mark major turning points like the sub-prime debt high of 2007, but its effects are not always financial, or affect stocks directly.


Venus and Stocks

The importance of Venus can be seen in the chart below which helped to successfully identify the low on March 6, 2009, but also highlighted the October 10, 2002 low, the 2007 high, the April 2001 low. The lows can be extremely accurate with Venus turning retrograde on October 10, 2002 at 14:35 and the market bottomed near 10:00am which is 4 hours early. Venus also turned retrograde on March 6, 2009 at 13:17 and the market bottomed near 15:00 which is 4 hours late. The greedy highs are not as emotion driven as the fear filled lows, and the effect of the planets is expectedly slower and less exact with Venus turning retrograde on July 27, 2007 with the S&P-500 making a high at 15:55 on July 19th and basically only exceeding that 1555 for a single day on the October 11, 2007 high of 1576 before returning below 1555 until mid March 2013.


Saturn and Stocks

The effect of Saturn and Venus together can be seen in this rare triple meeting of Saturn and Venus in the sky only two days from the exact October 11, 2007 high, but also highlighting the Venus retrograde of July which made this triple meeting possible, and the August low off by 3 days.


Uranus and Stocks

Even the effect of far off Uranus can not be denied with life changing Manias and Bubbles tied to the Uranus cycle as the following event dates show. The largest Panics all occur with Uranus in Libra or in the opposite sign of Aries which makes the Uranus in Aries from 2010-2018 period critical and where we might\ see the result of a failed 10+ trillion experiment in money printing if we include Japan, the USA and Euro zone. In the unlikely event that this Uranus in Aries period turns out to be a malaise helped by the Fed rather than a crisis induced by the Fed, then the next Uranus in Libra period from 2052-59 will certainly be a major problem for the next generation.

  • From The Tulip Mania of 1637 (Uranus in Libra) to the South Sea Bubble of 1720 (Uranus in Libra) there was 83 years.
  • From the South Sea Bubble of 1720 to the 1929 Crash (Uranus in Aries) there was 209 years which is 2.5 x 83 years.
  • From The Tulip Mania of 1637 to the 1973 Crash (Uranus in Libra) there was 336 years which is 4 x 83 years.
  • Going back 83 years before the 1929 crash there were Panics in 1837, 1847 (mid-point Uranus in Aries) and 1857.

The prophet Edgar Cayce was the only one to predict both the run up to the crash in 1929 and the bottom in employment in 1932. He said this about Uranus, which explains the Bubbles and Manias it can periodically create and burst.

This psychic reading given by Edgar Cayce at the Phillips Hotel, Dayton, Ohio, this 24th day of November, 1923, at 3:30pm (Q) What effect will the planet, Uranus, have on the people during the next two years? (A) We find in this planet those of the exceptional forces, those of the ultra forces, those that carry the extremes in every walk of physical life and forces, and these are those that will, in the next two years, especially, give of their strength to the greater force, as has been given.