Medium Term Technical Analysis

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% above 50 and 200 day MA

These indicators shows the participation rate in a bullish and bearish move. They will often turn ahead of price as the last move in a trend is done using a small share of all issues

% on a P&F buy signal

Similarly the same percentage can be calculated from Point and Figure charts that show how strong a bullish or bearish trend is. These two are what we call participation indexes and are useful to measure the strength of a trend as they often turn ahead of price.

Jobless Claims

The Jobless Claims in blue are too volatile to be a good indicator, but the continuing claims in white are much better at detecting early deterioration in the economy and this eventually reflect in lower stock prices. The Michigan Sentiment index just helps to confirm that the change is being felt by the consumer.

Cumulative Highs

The cumulative new highs are a great way to detect medium term trend changes. A rising line and top green color are an indication of a bullish trend